‘Old is new’ lighting trend for 2012

March 22, 2012

Following the comfortable form and function trend so evident over the last year, modern trends will continue with the “old is new” attitude into 2012, while blending in a bit of traditional and 21st Century influences.

All places, all spaces

Previously, it was unusual to see decorative chandeliers and pendants anywhere except in the power positions of the home – they were often reserved only for grand rooms, such as ballrooms, sweeping foyers and dining rooms.

Today, however, they are staking their claim throughout the modern home – they can add drama to the kitchen, the guest bathroom, the living room, bedrooms, reception rooms and hallways, and even patios can go upscale by adding some chandelier sparkle – perfect for South African style summer entertaining.

To most people, their home is their sanctuary, which is why they work hard at making their spaces as luxurious, comfortable and beautiful as they can – and nothing can quite match the grandeur, glamour and elegance of a crystal look chandelier or pendant,

Check out below the gorgeous chandeliers that are the latest trends for 2012 lighting

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