Outdoor Lighting

November 06, 2012

Ahhh…. Summer is coming. Whether you’re sitting out on your deck being absorbed by the colours of the sky as the sun goes down, relaxing by the pool with the kids or having a cold one with your neighbour on the front porch, it’s that time of the year where we start spending more time outside. And with daylight savings, those balmy afternoons are stretching comfortably into the evening.

I guess it depends on whether you have lights outside or not!

Having recently moved houses into an area where residents take pride in their garden, it just goes to show how outdoor lighting nicely compliments your property. Apart from looking amazing at night and allowing you to enjoy those summer nights longer, it’s also a safety option for your family & guests as well as providing a deterrent against intruders.

OK, so you’ve decided you need some lights or perhaps a bit of an update on what you have. It’s probably a good idea to start with drawing up a lighting plan, highlighting pathways, steps or side walkways. Lights around landscaped features such as ponds and pools make them look truly gorgeous at night, particularly if they’re placed to give off a reflection from the water.

Next question is which way to go – electrical or solar? Electric lights offer reliability and can be turned on for as long as you like or there’s also the very popular eco choice of solar which will run as long as their batteries allow. Or … you can combine both.

One great benefit of electrical landscape lights is that the light will be stronger, brighter, and more consistent. Some people prefer electrical landscape lighting for these reasons and would not consider anything else. However, other people prefer solar lights for their convenience of installation, ease of rearranging, and power conservation features.

Products for the garden do cost more than other lights, but they can be used in many different ways. There’s plenty of suitable lights to choose from whether it be tinted / coloured lights, interchangeable spot lights or lights that use little energy. It’s best to have a professional install them as they can be a bit tricky to put in but the results will be a fantastic, usable area that enhances your garden and your property. Don’t forget that they can be timed to come on and off automatically which is a great energy saving.

Adornment lights for the garden or rope lighting is a fast method of decorating an area. Rope lights are made up of a sequence of LED bulbs in a plastic conduit, which serves as protection from the weather.

If entertaining is your thing, then lighting for your deck or pergola is a must! A lot of different products are accessible including everything from recessed lighting to pole lights, which offer additional safety on the stairs and for the deck edging, which might have been missed in the dark.

Once you know what kinds of lights are out there for purchase, and the pros of each style, it won’t be too hard to decide which lights suit your individual circumstances.

Clearly there are many different options when it comes to outdoor lighting so decisions should be made with great care. When you are considering your garden lighting options, weigh up the information discussed and decide on what best suits you.

And if you need some professional help, please call Spectra Electrical & Communications on 1300 665 587 whereby our friendly staff are more than happy to discuss your options and provide an obligation