“We strive to provide a personal yet professional service that achieves the client’s goals within set timeframes whilst still exceeding customer expectations”

Spectra Electrical & Communications is a family owned business located in New South Wales.

Our experienced electrical contractors have been providing customers with long-term solutions for over 20 years. Spectra offers free no-obligation quotes and advice, as well as friendly service and reliability.

We are located in Kings Park, NSW, and offer services from the Sydney CBD and surrounding suburbs, up to the lower Blue Mountains. We also offer 24 hour emergency electrical services, 7 days a week.

Spectra Electrical & Communications are fully accredited Level 2 Electricians, and also provide accredited Eco Smart Electricians.

Residential & Commercial Electrical Maintenance Sydney

Spectra offers a range services available for any Residential, Commercial, Strata or Industrial electrical requirements in Sydney. This includes general repairs or large-scale installations such as fibre optic cabling and metering.

Level 2 Electricians Sydney

As Level 2 service providers, we are licensed to address main power issues from the street or from your switchboard. We can also perform power pole replacement and complex services such as tiger tails and street lighting.

Solar Paneling & Installation Sydney

We can aid you in taking a simple and effective action on climate change with a solar panel system. Whether you’re looking to cut your costs on electricity, or want to create a greener household, Spectra Electrical can help you integrate a solar power and solar hot water system into your house.

If the cost of converting to solar panels is a concern, we offer the Solar Credits Scheme rebate as a point of sale discount.