Safety in residential and commercial buildings is taken seriously in Australia. We do all that we can to protect our building and its occupants from the threat of a leak, equipment failure or electrical fire.

Thermal imaging in Sydney is an essential task in building safety which allows you to detect problems before they occur. Spot problems and act on them fast to ensure your building meets the high standards of safety in Australia.

Spectra Electrical provide top-quality thermal imaging in Sydney. We offer fast, accurate thermography scans for all types of Sydney buildings. Our team of qualified thermographers are experienced in performing thermal imaging across a range of different residential and commercial buildings, working with care and precision to detect problems even of the smallest scale.

Thermal imaging for Sydney buildings

Thermal imaging is a highly powerful and valuable tool for Sydney building owners. It helps us to detect problems with your building which aren’t visible to the naked eye, allowing us to solve these hazards before they become dangerous or costly.

Some of the building errors which thermal imaging can detect include:

  • Moisture detection
    Spectra Electrical Sydney use thermal imaging to detect moisture in your building where it shouldn’t exist. Water leaks can be difficult to detect until it’s too late but, thanks to thermal imaging, we can spot a minute amount of moisture before you’re dealing with a flood. Thermal imaging detects moisture due to temperature changes induced by capacitance, conduction, or evaporation, which may be influenced by the weather or the relative humidity of the environment.
  • Plumbing errors
    Concealed leaks due to plumbing errors can also be spotted by our team in thermal imaging. We detect any temperature changes behind walls, roofs and floors and investigate them to determine whether or not there’s a potential leak. Call the team at Spectra Electrical before you call a plumber!
  • Electrical issues
    Electrical issues can present a huge risk of building fire. Thankfully, thermal imaging by our professional Sydney team can detect electrical issues before they cause a disaster. We pick up on problems with electrical wires without invasive investigation, sparing you from connections in order to check your electrical system.
  • Roof leaks
    Thermal imaging is a powerful tool in spotting roof leaks, too. Whether you’re concerned about rainwater leaking through the roof and damaging your property, or air escaping and causing your HVAC to work harder, Spectra Electrical’s thermography team detects roof leaks using thermal imaging.

Spectra Electrical are Sydney’s professionals in thermal imaging. Our team of qualified thermographers understand the importance of building safety, and can detect even the slightest issue before it presents a bigger hazard. Contact our team for an thermal imaging inspection of your property today.