Need reliable, effective exit and emergency lighting in the Sydney area? Spectra Electrical are Sydney’s professionals in exit and emergency lighting installation and maintenance. Our qualified team of electricians put the spark back into your residential or commercial building, increasing safety and helping to meet New South Wales building codes.

If you need exit and emergency lighting installation and maintenance, Spectra Electrical are the only team you need to remember!

Spectra Electrical is highly experienced in exit and emergency lighting

Spectra Electrical is one of Sydney’s most experienced team in exit and emergency lighting installation. We’ve worked on commercial buildings such as:

  • Multi-residential buildings and apartments
  • Offices
  • Hotels
  • Schools
  • Hospitals
  • Warehouses
  • Sporting venues
  • Bars and restaurants
  • Many, many more

We offer our exit and emergency lighting services across the entire Sydney Basin area. Nowhere is too far for our friendly, dedicated team of electricians.

We comply with the Australian Standards

In the event of a fire or any other type of emergency, exit and emergency lights play a fundamental role in guiding building occupants to safety. That’s why the Building Code of Australia has strict guidelines on the installation of exit and emergency lighting, outlined in Australian Standard AS2293.1.

Spectra Electrical proudly adhere to the guidelines provided in the Australian Standards. We meticulously inspect your building and each necessary location for both exit lights and emergency lights.

Where do exit signs need to be placed?

Exit signs must be placed where they are clearly seen by all occupants of a building. The most common areas of a building which require exit lighting are exit doors, the top of staircases and directional changes along escape routes that guide you to the final exit.

Where do emergency lights need to be placed?

An emergency lighting system needs to be installed in many different areas of a commercial building. The usual places are stairways, corridors, hallways ramps and passageways. There’s a comprehensive guideline for emergency lighting installation, outlined in Australian Standard AS2293.1, which Spectra Electrical is adept at following.

Exit and emergency lighting maintenance

Don’t let the safety standards of your building slip by the wayside. Exit and emergency lighting needs to be tested and maintained twice a year, ensuring that they’re able to run for 90 minutes in the event of a power outage. Failure to conduct this maintenance can result in fines or, much worse, a deadly hazard.

Spectra Electrical and Communications are Sydney’s professional team of electricians for exit and emergency lighting. Whether you need a full-scale installation for a large commercial building, or a simple biannual testing and maintenance program, Spectra Electrical are the team you need to call. Offering quality, friendly and affordable service, call Spectra Electrical to arrange exit and emergency lighting installation today.