Why Choose Spectra Electrical For Your Solar Paneling & Installation in Sydney?

Some top reasons to consider Spectra Electrical & Communications for your solar paneling & installations:

  • Accredited Eco Smart Electricians,
  • Equipped with over 20 years of rich, professional experience,
  • We service from Sydney CBD and surrounding suburbs, up to the lower Blue Mountains,
  • We provide personalised service to our Commercial, Industrial, Strata and Domestic Level 2 customers,
  • Your job is conducted with our guarantee of professional workmanship, safety and attention to detail.

Sydney Solar Paneling & Installation

Spectra Electrical is accredited with Clean Energy Council for installation of solar panels. With your solar power system, we help you take simple and effective action on climate change with “clean” energy harnessed directly from the sun.

Our philosophy is to provide you with a fully functioning and accredited solar panel installation, avoiding unnecessary technical jargon. You can save thousands with Solar installation and renewable energy solutions.

Whether you’re looking to nullify the rising cost of electricity, or simply want to do your part to create a greener, more energy efficient Australia, now is the perfect time to invest in Solar Power and Solar Hot Water.

Reduce your electricity costs and carbon footprint.

Solar power is the future, and the Australian government is currently offering attractive solar power rebates to incentivise homes and businesses to invest in grid connected solar installations.

Likewise strong government rebates exist for the installation of solar hot water systems.

Reasons to get Solar Panels in Sydney?

Australia is one of the highest producers of green house gases in the world and yet we are very slow in adopting renewable sources of energy that could reverse this trend like solar power.

Germany, Japan and even the US have more readily embraced solar power and they get far less sun than we do in Australia. It’s really our responsibility to embrace this technology, as it is the cleanest most viable source of renewable energy available.

And now Spectra Electrical is endeavouring to make it affordable for every household.

A 1kW system is equivalent to taking two cars off the road every year (that’s up to 1500kg of CO2 per year), and the more people that take this positive step the closer we’ll be to saving the environment.

  • Benefit from thousands of dollars in rebates
  • Save in electricity bills
  • Add value to your home
  • Help save the environment

What is the Solar Credits Scheme?

The Solar Credits Scheme is a rebate that is not means tested and is available to home and business owners who want to install a solar electricity system.

This Federally legislated rebate contributes thousands of dollars towards the upfront investment in your system. The scheme allows householders and businesses to create a multiple of STCs (Small-scale Technology Certificates- formally known as RECs) on the first 1.5kW of their solar power systems.

A 5 times multiplier of the STCs is available for all systems installed by June 30th, 2011, when the Solar Credits Scheme will changes to a 3 times multiplier, effectively reducing the rebate up to $2,500.  Spectra Electrical offer this rebate as a generous point of sale discount.

Spectra Electrical & Communications are accredited Eco Smart Electricians, which is a trusted name.