When you need a qualified Level 2 electrician to conduct fast, reliable tiger tail installation and repairs, you’d best call Spectra Electrical and Communications. We’re Sydney’s go-to team for tiger tail installation and repair and we perform this type of work throughout the entire Sydney Basin area.

With a highly qualified, experienced and super friendly team, Spectra Electrical are one of Sydney’s favourite repairers and installers of tiger tails. Here’s why you should choose Spectra Electrical for tiger tail work, like so many other commercial organisations do.

Why choose Spectra Electrical for tiger tail installation and repairs?

  • Fast, effective service
    Right across the Sydney area, Spectra Electrical are known for our fast, effective service. We respond to calls immediately and schedule in your tiger tail installation or repair as soon as possible.
  • Distribution and service mains
    There are two types of tiger tail for commercial lines: distribution mains, which run from pole to pole down the street, and service mains, which run from street poles to residential and commercial buildings. Our Level 2 electricians are qualified to conduct tiger tail installation and repairs on service mains/cables.
  • Affordable rates
    As a family-owned business with over 20 years’ experience in tiger tail installation, Spectra Electrical understands the value of fair pricing. We keep our rates affordable. We’re interested in keeping long-term customers happy, rather than opportunistic rate increases.
  • Experience across the Greater Sydney area
    Our team is experienced in working right across the Greater Sydney area. From the Northern Beaches to the Blue Mountains, we install tiger tails wherever you need them.
  • Elite level of customer service
    From the moment you speak with our reception staff, to the moment we finish your tiger tail installation or repair, we guarantee high quality customer service.

Importance of tiger tails

Tiger tails are a simple but highly effective visual aid for preventing electrical accidents. They alert contractors such as roofers, plumbers, builders and more to the fact that there are live powerlines present. Tiger tails provide a visual warning, increasing vigilance and saving lives.

Level 2 electricians for a range of purposes

Only a Level 2 electrician is licensed to install tiger tails. Spectra Electrical have a team of qualified, skilled Level 2 electricians who are licensed to conduct work on:

  • Tiger tails
  • Power poles
  • Street lighting
  • Power line work
  • Temporary Builders Service (TBS)
  • Much more

Spectra Electrical and Communications are Sydney’s professional team of electricians for tiger tail installation. For poles, commercial buildings and construction sites, Spectra Electrical are the team you need to call. Offering quality, friendly and affordable service, call Spectra Electrical to arrange a tiger tail installation today.