Smoke alarms are a simple yet genius invention which have been proven to save lives. They’re a mandatory feature of every home and business, so when you need smoke alarm installation and maintenance services in Sydney, you need to select a qualified professional.

Spectra Electrical Sydney is your first choice team for smoke alarm installation, maintenance and replacements.

Why choose a professional for smoke alarm installation and maintenance in Sydney?

There are several reasons why it’s always best to get a professional on board for your smoke alarm work:

  • Correct placement
    Smoke alarm placement is one of the biggest factors determining the device’s performance. A professional from Spectra Electrical is trained on smoke alarm placement and follows strict safety training when installing smoke alarm systems
  • Professional testing
    Professional smoke alarm installation and maintenance means professional testing too. You can be 100% confident that, should a fire break out, your smoke alarm will be fully effective in detecting it.
  • Meet building safety guidelines
    We’re lucky to live in a country that has strict building safety guidelines. Getting a professional from Spectra Electrical to carry out your smoke alarm maintenance helps you pass rigorous building inspections which Australia is so well-known for.

Ionisation or photoelectric smoke alarms?

Lithium smoke detectors come in two different types – ionisation and photoelectric. Ionisation smoke alarms use a tiny piece of radioactive material which electrically charges molecules inside the alarm, and this creates a current which is disrupted by smoke, causing the alarm to sound. Photoelectric alarms, on the other hand, use a beam of light scattered towards a detector when smoke is present.

Many experiments have shown that both photoelectric and ionisation alarms are basically just as quick as each other when detecting fast-burning fires, but that ionisation alarms aren’t as fast at detecting slow, smouldering fires as photoelectric ones.

Photoelectric alarms are generally recommended, but many experts suggest using both types of alarm in your residential or commercial building.

Importance of smoke alarm maintenance in Sydney

Don’t risk lives by neglecting your smoke alarm. Here’s why smoke alarm maintenance is so important:

  • Battery function
    Most smoke alarm faults aren’t due to technical error, but human negligence. Batteries run out and fail to get changed, preventing an enormous hazard. Regular maintenance by a professional ensures that this never happens.
  • Hard-wired alarms
    An electrician from Spectra Electrical can hard-wire your smoke alarm into your property, with a backup battery to kick in, should your power fail.
  • Legally required
    Smoke alarms are a legal requirement in all residential and commercial structures in New South Wales.

Spectra Electrical are Sydney’s professionals in residential, commercial and industrial smoke alarm installation and maintenance. Our team of qualified technicians take smoke alarm safety seriously. Contact our team for an inspection of your property today.