Service Providers In Sydney, NSW And Surrounds

Spectra Electrical is a fully accredited Level 2 electrical service provider in Sydney, certified by the NSW Department of Energy. We provide our experienced, affordable, efficient and always friendly Level 2 electrical services to every corner of the Sydney region.

Do you need an overhead service, underground supplies, temporary supply, builder’s poles or any live work done? Our Level 2 certified, 24/7 electrical contractor service is always able to assist.

What is a Level 2 Electrician?

A Level 2 electrician is qualified to provide installation, repairs and maintenance for overhead and underground service lines on your home or business which is connected the electricity network in the street. Level 2 electricians have higher qualifications than Level 1 electricians, who aren’t qualified to conduct this type of work. Level 2 electricians follow the strict guidelines of the Australian Wiring Rules and Regulations (AS NZS 3000:2018), meaning all of their metering and live wire connection work is performed to official standards.

Our Level 2 electrical contractors service the whole Sydney region. Whether you’re in Blacktown, Sydney or nearby in NSW, our skilled Level 2 electricians will travel to you to solve your electrical issues. We provide the following Level 2 electrician services:

Power Line Work

If you’re in need of power line work, the Level 2 electricians at Spectra Electra are your first port of call. Spectra Electrical are fully qualified to conduct all types of linework, and can assist individuals, private enterprises and local councils in repairing or maintaining power lines. Some of the main ways in which Spectra Electrical can assist you with power line work include:

  • Overhead & Underground service mains
  • Metering & Energising
  • Disconnections/Reconnections
  • Service Upgrades
  • Consumer & Sub Mains

Power Poles

Power poles can’t be serviced by any ordinary electrician. A Level 2 electrician is required is conduct this type of work, and that’s where Spectra Electrical can help in the greater Sydney region. Our Level 2 electricians in Sydney are licenced to carry out work on power poles, such as:

  • Supplying & Installation Power Poles of Various Sizes
  • Maintaining Both Galvanised & Timber Power Poles

Street Lighting

If your council, private car park, school yard or sports oval is experiencing issues with street lighting, Spectra Electrical can send an expert Level 2 electrician to help with that, too. Spectra Electrical work with a range of clients who need maintenance or repairs on their street lighting, keeping their premises well-lit and safe. We can send a Level 2 electrician to assist with:

  • Utilising cherry picker
  • Highway & Street Lighting
  • Car Parks, School Yards & Sports Oval Lighting
  • New Installations & Maintenance

Tiger Tails

Tiger tails are made from split industry pipe and are installed over the top of powerlines. They’re in place to protect workers like roof tilers, plumbers, builders and other contractors from any accidental contact with live powerlines. They also give you visual warning of overhead powerlines, increasing vigilance.

Spectra Electrical are able to send a Level 2 electrician to your Greater Western Sydney or Illawarra location in order to conduct work on tiger tails.

  • Operating within the Endeavour Energy (formerly Integral Energy) area only
  • Consumer low voltage mains

Temporary Builders Service (TBS)

When you need power on your temporary construction site, you’ll need the help of a professional, Level 2 certified electrician. Working quickly, efficiently and safely, you’ll have power on your site within no time when you contact a pro from Spectra Electrical. Our services for builders include:

  • Single Phase
  • Three phase
  • Permanent
  • Hire

Our contractor team always strives to provide the highest standard of Level 2 electrician work for all clients, and we are proud to offer some of the most professional and practiced Level 2 electrical contractors in Sydney and NSW.

New Premises

The Level 2 electricians from Spectra Electrical are experienced in providing power to new premises. We can supply you with power from either an overhead or underground reticulated system. This will include the supply and installation of all your metering requirements.

Existing Premises

We handle a range of jobs for existing premises, too. Our Level 2 electricians can provide any power upgrades (for example, single-phase to three-phase power upgrades); disconnects/reconnects; relocate your switchboard and/or mains; upgrade your metering requirements (for example, time-of-use metering, off peak metering, etc); or even just advice.

Why choose a Level 2 electrician from Spectra Electrical?

There are several reasons why Spectra Electrical is Sydney’s first choice team for Level 2 electricians:

  • Experienced team, diligent work
    Level 2 electricians at Spectra Electrical are chosen incredibly carefully. We only hire professionals who are highly experienced, and have proven that they can produce consistent, high-quality work. Diligence is one of the cornerstones of operations at Spectra Electrical, and we ensure our team uphold a high standard of work.
  • Flexible electrical solutions
    Whether you need work done sometime this week, or have an electrical emergency on your hands that needs to be fixed immediately, Spectra Electrical offer flexible solutions in the Greater Sydney area. We can dispatch an emergency Level 2 electrician within minutes of your call, and work on 24/7 basis.
  • Competitive prices
    At Spectra Electrical, we pride ourselves on delivering high quality work from our Level 2 electricians while maintaining affordable, competitive prices. Just call up our team to gain a no-obligation, free quote – you won’t be disappointed.

To speak to the leading level 2 electricians in NSW, or learn more about our services, including data cabling, power pole replacement, and emergency electrician support, contact us today on 1300 665 587 or get started by getting a non-binding free quote.