3 phase power installation

3 Phase Power Installation

August 15, 2023

When you need a consistent, reliable source of energy to power your business or organisation, 3-phase power is most likely what you’re in need of. Spectra Electrical is Sydney’s expert team of contractors for all electrical needs, including 3-phase power installation.

Our team of qualified electricians have installed 3-phase power for hundreds of businesses across Sydney. Highly experienced, meticulous electricians are what we bring to the table, offering quality electrical services that you can count on.

Read on to learn more about 3-phase power, and how Spectra Electrical can help your business gain it.

Single-phase power

Before we explain 3-phase power, we should explain single-phase AC power first. Single-phase AC power uses three distinct wires to deliver power, consisting of an active wire, a neutral wire, and an earth wire. As you already know, AC power involves power recycles, rapidly alternating from the active wire to the neutral wire and back again. This power cycle takes place during a 360-degree phase change, and the voltage reverses itself 50 to 60 times per second.

Why single-phase power isn’t enough for commercial applications

These power cycles are, essentially, tiny interruptions. Now, they’re not enough to have an effect on normal residential applications, and single-phase power can be sufficient for most homes, but can also require 3 phase power to operate air conditioning, heaters, pumps etc.

But for commercial and industrial uses, where power-hungry equipment is involved, the interruptions of single-phase power prevent your equipment from receiving enough supply.

3-phase power

3-phase power, on the other hand, provides three separate currents. This means that there’s a constant supply of electricity, with no point at which no power is being delivered to the load. No interruptions – just a smooth, efficient supply of electricity, making 3-phase power ideal for commercial appliances.

3-phase power installation by Spectra Electrical

At Spectra Electrical, we have a reputation for quality commercial electrical work. If your business needs 3-phase power installation, give our team a call. We exhibit high-quality work wherever we go, in whatever we do. Here’s why we’re Sydney’s first-choice electrical team for 3-phase power installation:

  • Experienced staff
    Our electricians are some of the best in the country. Experience, work ethic and attention to detail is guaranteed.
  • Competitive rates
    As a small business, we understand your need to keep a solid budget, which is why we offer competitive rates on 3-phase power installation.
  • Efficient, fast service
    We’re proud to deliver a fast, efficient service, helping to get your business up and running as soon as possible.

Spectra Electrical and Communications are Sydney’s professional team of electricians for 3-phase power installations. We cater for offices, warehouses, workshops, industrial businesses and many other organisations who need 3-phase power. Offering quality, friendly and affordable service, call Spectra Electrical to arrange a 3-phase power installation today.