Strata Lighting Solutions Balancing Aesthetics Efficiency and Safety in Sydneys Buildings

Strata Lighting Solutions: Balancing Aesthetics, Efficiency, and Safety in Sydney’s Buildings

March 28, 2024

Managing a strata building? Lighting solutions may not be at the top of your priorities list, but there are several reasons why they’re more important than you may initially think.

From aesthetics to efficiency to safety, there’s a lot riding on your building’s lighting. While a more appropriate choice of light bulb leads to improved energy efficiency, paying attention to laws on exit lighting can help you improve safety and avoid fines.

Lighting solutions for strata buildings are best left to the specialist team at Spectra Electrical, who can help you balance aesthetics, efficiency and safety in Sydney’s buildings. Here’s how:

Aesthetics of lighting in strata buildings

Lighting isn’t just a matter of visibility – it’s also a matter of aesthetics. In strata buildings, lighting aesthetics is important – whether we’re talking about a commercial or residential property.

High-quality lighting is essential to creating appealing aesthetics in shared areas such as corridors, lifts, entrances, stairwells and reception areas. This can increase the property’s appeal to tenants, helping you secure better quality tenants and maximise your property’s value.

Spectra Electrical are experts in lighting solutions for strata buildings in Sydney. We can help install better lighting throughout your Sydney strata property to increase its aesthetic value.


Efficiency is another key consideration in lighting solutions for strata properties in Sydney. By switching to more energy-efficient lightbulbs, you can significantly reduce utility costs without compromising quality of your lighting.

LED lighting, for example, is highly energy efficient – up to 80% more so than fluorescent lighting. LED lights convert 95% of their energy to light, and only 5% is wasted on heat which is far less than heat wastage for fluorescent bulbs (around 30%) and incandescent bulbs (up to a massive 98%!).

Spectra Electrical can convert your entire strata property to using more energy-efficient lighting. From ceiling lights to corridor lights, we can help your strata property become more energy efficient, regardless of how big or small it is. Save money and reduce your carbon footprint by converting to LED lights.


Lighting is also about safety. Without sufficient visibility, a safety inspector could deem your strata property non-compliant, potentially resulting in a fine. On top of this, your strata building may lack necessary exit lighting and safety signage.

To have these problems solved, call Spectra Electrical for an inspection. We can help your strata building meet regulations, ensuring your building is compliant with local laws.

Safety, aesthetics and efficiency are just three of the ways Spectra Electrical can improve your strata property. We’re Sydney’s favourite team for strata property management, regularly maintaining and repairing your electrical systems to maximise safety, compliance and energy efficiency, too. Our experienced electricians have a strong focus on quality work and excellent service. Just get in touch with our team to arrange an inspection today.