electrical safety inspections and testing

Electrical Safety Inspections And Testing

September 30, 2023

As a home or business owner, we understand why you put safety above everything else. Whether you’re looking out for your family, your tenants or your employees, you can never be too safe when it comes to electrical appliances and equipment.

That’s where Spectra Electrical can help. We offer our highly reputable electrical safety inspections and testing to homes and business in the Sydney region.

This test and tag procedure is carried out with the utmost meticulousness and accuracy, ensuring that all your electrical equipment is 100% safe to use.

What is an electrical safety inspection?

An electrical safety inspection and test, commonly known as a ‘test and tag’, is exactly what it sounds like. When you have electrical work, or an appliance or piece of equipment, and want to be sure it’s fully safe to use, a qualified electrician from Spectra Electrical will carry out an inspection and a series of tests.

By testing the electrical equipment, we’re able to identify potential damage and electrical faults, which mitigates the amount of risk in your workplace.

In Australia, it’s mandatory for certain appliances and equipment to undergo electrical safety inspections and testing in the workplace every so often. Spectra Electrical is a qualified provider of test and tag procedures, ensuring your workplace is hazard-free.

How often does my workplace need to have an electrical safety test?

The ideal frequency of electrical safety inspections and testing depends on the type of business you’re running. At Spectra Electrical, we run our test and tag process by the book – we follow Australian Standard AS/NZS 3760:2022 which outlines the necessary guidelines for testing and tagging electrical equipment in specific environments.

Spectra Electrical’s inspection and testing service

All electrical inspections are carried out by experienced and qualified electricians using state-of-the-art testing technology. During the inspection and testing process, every appliance is rigorously tested and given a clear tag which indicates a Pass or a DANGER sign, in which the equipment must be repaired before it’s allowed to return to the workplace.

Why Spectra Electrical is Sydney’s favourite electrical testing team

Spectra Electrical is the first-choice team for test and tag for many businesses across Sydney. Here’s why:

  • Expert staff
    Our electricians are some of Australia’s finest. Experience, work ethic and attention to detail is guaranteed.
  • Competitive rates
    As a small business, we understand your need to keep a solid budget, which is why we offer competitive rates on test and tags.
  • Efficient, fast service
    We’re proud to deliver a fast, efficient inspection and testing service.

Spectra Electrical and Communications are Sydney’s professional team of electricians for electrical testing and inspections. We cater for homes, offices, warehouses, workshops, industrial businesses and many other organisations who need testing and tagging services. Offering quality, friendly and affordable service, call Spectra Electrical to arrange an electrical inspection and testing service today.