Emergency Electrical Repairs What Every Homeowner Should Know

Emergency Electrical Repairs: What Every Homeowner Should Know

January 31, 2024

When it comes to emergency electrical repairs, you can’t take any gambles. You can’t gamble on whether or not your electrical problem is an emergency, or on calling a questionable electrician to come and inspect the problem. You need to act fast, and you need to call a reputable emergency electrician for the job.

Every homeowner should be prepared for an emergency electrical repair, and should know what to do if one occurs.

In this post, we’ll learn about emergency electrical repairs and why Spectra Electrical is your first choice team of electricians for emergencies in Sydney .

What is an electrical emergency?

An electrical emergency is any fault with your home’s electrical system that poses a threat to the safety of its inhabitants or the condition of the property itself. These risks include fire, electrical shock or injuries due to electrical failure. Faults that pose threats like these require urgent attention by professional electricians.

What causes an electrical emergency?

An electrical emergency can be caused by several possible factors. Electrical equipment failure such as outdated or faulty wiring is a leading cause of electrical emergencies, often resulting in sizzling or buzzing sounds or a burning odours. Natural causes, like a storm or flood, can also result in an electrical emergency, knocking out powerlines and posing a risk of exposed electrical wiring. Human error, in the form of poor electrical work, is rarer but it can also be the cause of an electrical emergency.

What to do if you think you have an electrical emergency at home

If you suspect you’ve got an electrical emergency on your hands, follow these steps:

  • For medical emergencies, dial 000
    If someone has been hurt or there’s been an electrical fire, call 000 immediately.
  • Shut off the power at the main breaker
    If safe to do so, shut off the power to prevent a high-risk situation from occurring.
  • Turn off appliances
    To prevent a sudden surge when power resumes, turn off appliances and outlets if safe to do so.
  • Call an emergency electrician
    Call Spectra Electrical and we’ll dispatch an emergency electrician to your location within minutes.

Why call Spectra Electrical for emergency electrical situations?

Spectra Electrical is one of Sydney’s top-performing specialists in emergency electrical work. From fallen trees on powerlines to tripped circuits and burnt out fuses, our expert emergency electricians are qualified to resolve all sorts of emergencies. We work safely and effectively to remove the hazard from your home and restore safety to your family.

Spectra Electrical is one of Sydney’s best teams in residential emergency electrical services. Our expert electricians are highly experienced in a range of emergency work, guaranteeing your home a safe and reliable electrical connection. We also work large industrial projects, civil projects and commercial applications. Contact Spectra Electrical when you’re in need of fast emergency electrical repairs.