energy meter installations

Energy Meter Installations

September 27, 2023

Need a new energy meter in your home or business? Spectra Electrical are Sydney’s professionals in energy meter servicing, repairs and installation. We handle all types of energy meter work, from accumulation meters to interval meters and solar meters.

Right across Sydney, we’re known for our high quality work, experienced staff and unmatched level of customer service. Our friendly team of qualified electricians are here to help you install that new energy meter in your home or business.

Types of energy meters we install

We often get asked which type of energy meters we’re able to install. Rest assured, we’re qualified to install all types of energy meter, including:

  • Accumulation meters:accumulation meters, or flat rate meters, record the total amount of electricity your home has used, meaning they don’t show the difference in energy usage in peak and off-peak times.
  • Interval meters: interval meters record electricity usage every 30 minutes, providing a more in-depth analysis of household energy usage. Part of the attraction of interval meters is the possibility of your electricity provider charging you different rates depending on the electricity usage patterns shown by your interval meter data. For example, some providers charge lower rates for off-peak periods and higher for peak times.
  • Smart meters:Spectra Electrical is also able to install smart energy meters. Smart meters measure your electricity consumption and send the data directly to your energy provider, meaning that estimated bills become more accurate and that there’s no need for physical meter readings.
  • Solar meters:got some solar panels up there? We can install solar energy meters, too. They display the amount of energy generated by your solar panel system, as well as solar electricity fed back into the electricity supply.

Choose Spectra Electrical for your energy meter installation

For any of these energy meters, call the team at Spectra Electrical. Our high-quality electrical work is known across the Sydney region, having worked on countless electrical projects, from residential work to civil construction and more. Our energy meter installation services are characterised by:

  • Experienced staff
    Our electricians are some of the best in the country. Experience, work ethic and attention to detail is guaranteed.
  • Competitive rates
    As a small business, we understand your need to keep a solid budget, which is why we offer competitive rates on energy meter installations.
  • Efficient, fast service
    We’re proud to deliver a fast, efficient service, helping to get your energy meter up and running as soon as possible.

Spectra Electrical and Communications are Sydney’s professional team of electricians for energy meter installations. We cater for homes, offices, warehouses, workshops, industrial businesses and many other organisations who need new energy meters. Offering quality, friendly and affordable service, call Spectra Electrical to arrange an energy meter installation today.