EV Charger Installation

October 06, 2023

Fancy yourself rolling around in a sleek new electric vehicle? Updating to an EV means saying goodbye to high petrol prices and carbon emissions… which is one of the best moves you can make!

If you want total convenience out of your EV, like most owners do, you’ll be wanting to install an EV charger at home.

Spectra Electrical are Sydney’s experts in EV charger installation. Having quickly jumped onto the increasing demand for more EV home charging stations, Spectra Electrical were at the forefront of this technology and have since become experts in the field.

We install all types of EV charger

Every electrical vehicle is different, and many models have different types of home chargers. Spectra Electrical can install all types of electric vehicle charger in your home. We’ve installed EV chargers for many different popular models of electric vehicle like Tesla, Hyundai, Mercedes Benz, Nissan and more.

Expert installation service

Spectra Electrical has been working in the renewable energy space for many years. Solar panel installation has been a speciality for us for almost 15 years. It was only natural for us to jump aboard EV charger installations, too. Thanks to our experience in the field, we guarantee a smooth, reliable EV charger installation service. Our qualified electricians take the utmost care and precision when installing your new EV charger.

Indoor and outdoor installation

Whether you want your EV charger inside your garage or somewhere convenient outside, Spectra Electrical will take care of it. We work alongside you to plan the most logical location for your EV charger and install it right away.

Commercial installation

Maybe you’re updating your business’s fleet of vehicles, or perhaps making life more convenient for your employees who drive electric vehicles – whatever your reason for needing commercial EV charger installation, let the team at Spectra Electrical help you out! We offer EV charger installation for businesses that require layout planning and installation of multiple chargers.

Choose Spectra Electrical for EV charger installation

From our expert staff to our great prices, there’s a dozen reasons to choose us when you need an EV charger installed:

  • Expert staff
    Our electricians are some of Australia’s finest. Experience, work ethic and attention to detail is guaranteed.
  • Competitive rates
    As a small business, we understand your need to keep a solid budget, which is why we offer competitive rates for EV charger installation.
  • Efficient, fast service
    We’re proud to deliver a fast, efficient set-up for your EV charger.

Be prepared for that EV upgrade you’ve been dreaming of: get your home EV charger installed before your car exits the showroom! Spectra Electrical are passionate about installing EV charging stations, acknowledging your contribution to a greener, cleaner future. Contact the team at Spectra Electrical and get one of Sydney’s best electricians to install your EV charger, keeping your car powered at all times.