How To Improve Energy Efficiency With Lighting Controls And Automation

June 02, 2023

Whether you own one modest home or a business with several locations, there’s one thing that’s always at the top of your mind: energy efficiency. Our power bill can always be reduced… even if your partner or staff has finally got into the hang of switching off the lights, after an infinite amount of reminding them.

But what if we didn’t have to resort to nagging to improve energy efficiency?

That’s where lighting controls and automation enter the picture. With the power of lighting controls and automation, you can improve energy efficiency and do something good for the environment, too. Here’s how the team at Spectra Electrical in Sydney can help:


Dimmers are great for a bunch of reasons. They reduce the output of your lightbulbs which saves energy, they’re excellent for setting the mood at home, and they’re inexpensive, too. Dimmers need to be used with the correct bulbs, though; incandescent bulbs, for example, aren’t as efficient when dimmed compared to other bulbs more suited to dimming, like LEDs and fluorescent dimmers.

Spectra Electrical can install dimmers in your home or business to increase energy efficiency and reduce power bills. Our expert electricians can install dimmers wherever you’d like them.

Motion sensors

Motion sensors are perfect for security and utility lighting. Whether you want extra security for your home’s garage or your business, motion sensor activated lighting is highly effective. It’s also a great way to improve energy efficiency, as these lights turn off automatically after a period of not detecting movement.

Talk to the team at Spectra Electrical if you’re interested in swapping out your traditional floodlights for motion sensor lights.


Timers are convenient and super effective devices which can help improve energy efficiency in a big way. Turning on and shutting off at a certain time, timers ensure that your lights will always turn off, even if you forget to switch them off manually.

Spectra Electrical has helped many businesses in Sydney cut down their energy costs by installing timers in their lighting systems.

Smart device control

With technological advancements, you can even control timers and dimmers of your home or business using your smart device. It’s as simple as getting an electrician to rig up the dimmers and timers and installing an app on your phone or iPad. This way, you can have full access to your lighting controls at the swipe of your finger.

Spectra Electrical are Sydney’s best team of electricians, working for you to improve your home or business’s energy efficiency, cut down on energy bills and reduce your carbon footprint, all at once. Spectra Electrical specialise in general electrical work, Level 2 electrical work, solar electricity and more. Simply get in touch with our team to make a greener, cost-effective difference to your home or business today.