Illuminate Your Space How LED Lighting Can Transform Your Home

Illuminate Your Space: How LED Lighting Can Transform Your Home

February 10, 2024

They’re better quality, cheaper to run, longer lasting and environmentally-friendlier than any other bulb on the market: LED lighting is a serious gamechanger for any home.

From bedroom lighting to outdoor patios, LEDs are a versatile way to transform your home and better illuminate your space.

Spectra Electrical have helped countless Sydney homeowners make the switch to LED lighting and can help you as well. Let’s explain LED lighting, why we love it so much and how we can help you transform your home:

What is LED lighting?

Light-emitting diode (LED) is a semi-conductor device that emits light when an electric current passes through it. The difference with LED lights is that they do not produce a filament or gas when they produce light, instead relying on the movement of electrons which is far more efficient in producing illumination.

Best ways to use LED lighting to transform your home

LED lights are an excellent choice for indoor and outdoor purposes at home. Some of our favourite ways to use LED lighting at home include:

  • Mood lighting for living rooms
    One of the best things about LED lights is that they come in a range of colours, making them perfect for mood lighting. If you love settling in for the night with a movie or book, then LED lights are ideal for living room mood lighting, available in darker hues to create a warm and welcoming atmosphere.
  • Decorative lighting for kitchens
    LED lighting can completely transform your kitchen to a vibrant, attractive space. Bright LED underglow light strips for cabinets in striking shades like electrical blue and pink are sure to catch the eyes of visitors and really liven up your kitchen.
  • Outdoor areas
    LED lighting is just as good for outdoor areas as it is for indoors. LED wall and garden lighting, for example, can bring out the best in your outdoor space, creating an inviting patio area.

Benefits of LED lighting

The benefits of LED lighting are endless:

  • Energy efficiency
    LED lights are between 80-90% more energy efficient than incandescent bulbs. 80% of the energy used by LED lights is converted to light, while only 20% is ‘wasted’ as heat.
  • Longer lifespan
    In many cases, LED lights can last 20 years.
  • Colour options
    LED lights give you the power of choice, coming in many different colour options.
  • Brighter lighting
    They’re brighter than traditional bulbs too!
  • Environmentally friendly
    Significantly reducing carbon footprint and being 100% recyclable, LED lights are the eco-friendly option.

If you’re looking at installing advanced LED lighting systems in your home, Spectra Electrical is at your service. We specialise in installing LED lights for commercial and residential homes, saving you in power bills and making your space look fantastic. Get in touch with Spectra Electrical Sydney for a quote today.