Upgrade Your Outlets The Latest in USB and Smart Charging Technology

Upgrade Your Outlets: The Latest in USB and Smart Charging Technology

February 22, 2024

Can’t stand how slow your phone is charging? Can never find a convenient space for your clunky phone charger? Wish you had more flexibility?

Well, thankfully, there’s a solution for you! Upgrading your home’s power outlets to power points with in-built USB chargers is a simple, cost-effective and affordable way to give yourself more flexibility when it comes to charging appliances.

From phones to portable speakers to electric razors and more, you can ensure all of your belongings are fully charged with ease when you switch to upgrade power outlets.

Spectra Electrical have upgraded the power outlets of many Sydney homes. Here, we outline the latest in USB and smart charging technology!

What to look for in a new wall outlet

Modern power outlets can completely transform the ergonomics of your home, but you have to look for the right one. Some of our favourite features of modern power outlets feature:

  • USB-A connection
    Perfect for charging iPhones, speakers and other handheld appliances, an outlet with a USB-A connection saves you from having that random draw in your house that’s full of mismatched chargers and cables!
  • USB C connection
    With many electronic manufacturers such as Samsung preferring USB-C over USB-A, it’s also good to look for a outlet that provides both. This way, Android users in your home or inner circle can enjoy the same fast, convenient charging qualities. It also comes in handy for newer laptops with USB-C ports, as they can often be charged directly via the outlet.
  • High power level
    If you’re looking for an alternative route to laptop chargers, then you want to invest in an outlet that has sufficient power to deliver straight from the USB-A or -C plug to your laptop without needing the charger. Just ask Spectra Electrical about finding the right level of power output for your charging needs.

Benefits of modern upgraded outlets

There are a heap of benefits to switching to upgraded power outlets in your home:

  • Convenience
    Charge all of your appliances at the same time, never run out of charging space and forget about using those clunky old chargers! USB-featuring power outlets are a step up in convenience.
  • Ergonomic
    Having multiple USB-featuring power outlets throughout your home improves its ergonomics. You can charge your device wherever it’s convenient for you, making it easier to work from home and increasing productivity.

Spectra Electrical is Sydney’s expert team of electricians for upgrading your home’s outlets. Our specialist electricians can quickly and effectively replace your old, outdated outlets with brand new ones, making device charging easier than ever. Add home value and increase home ergonomics when you call Spectra Electrical for an outlet upgrade.