energy meter installations

Energy Meter Testing, Service And Repairs

October 09, 2023

Your energy meter is one of the most important functions in your home. It helps to accurately show your energy consumption, allowing you to pay an accurate energy bill each quarter and even observe the best ways to reduce your total consumption.... Read More

EV Charger Installation

October 06, 2023

Fancy yourself rolling around in a sleek new electric vehicle? Updating to an EV means saying goodbye to high petrol prices and carbon emissions… which is one of the best moves you can make! If you want total convenience out of your EV, lik... Read More

electrical safety inspections and testing

Electrical Safety Inspections And Testing

September 30, 2023

As a home or business owner, we understand why you put safety above everything else. Whether you’re looking out for your family, your tenants or your employees, you can never be too safe when it comes to electrical appliances and equipment. ... Read More

energy meter installations

Energy Meter Installations

September 27, 2023

Need a new energy meter in your home or business? Spectra Electrical are Sydney’s professionals in energy meter servicing, repairs and installation. We handle all types of energy meter work, from accumulation meters to interval meters and sola... Read More

3 phase power installation

3 Phase Power Installation

August 15, 2023

When you need a consistent, reliable source of energy to power your business or organisation, 3-phase power is most likely what you’re in need of. Spectra Electrical is Sydney’s expert team of contractors for all electrical needs, including ... Read More

3 Tips For Reducing Energy Costs And Increasing Efficiency In Commercial Buildings

June 02, 2023

Running around and madly switching all the lights off; limiting AC usage in summer and causing your employees to boil; unplugging the fridge overnight… trust us, there are easier ways of reducing energy costs in your commercial building! In... Read More

The Benefits Of Upgrading To A Smart Home Electrical System

June 02, 2023

Remember that old cartoon The Jetsons? It depicted a family living in the future, with flying cars, automatic toothbrushing machines and all kinds of crazy gismos. While we’re not quite as advanced as the life depicted in The Jets... Read More

The Benefits Of LED Lighting For Commercial And Residential Properties

June 02, 2023

Looking to add a little brightness to your home or business? LED lighting is the perfect option for you. Brighter, whiter and much more energy efficient than traditional bulbs, LED lighting comes with loads of benefits. Many commercial and re... Read More

How To Improve Energy Efficiency With Lighting Controls And Automation

June 02, 2023

Whether you own one modest home or a business with several locations, there’s one thing that’s always at the top of your mind: energy efficiency. Our power bill can always be reduced... even if your partner or staff has finally got into the ... Read More

How to Stay Mentally Healthy

Covid-19 & Keeping Mentally Healthy

July 08, 2020

Hasn't 2020 just been incredibly unprecedented? I think "unprecedented" best describes it - who expected this??  It's certainly changed the way we go about our business. Change is great - don't get me wrong - as Benjamin Franklin once said "Whe... Read More